Live video streaming apps have taken the internet by storm.  Meerkat and Periscope allow you to capture and broadcast live video, with your smartphone.

Meerkat first made waves at 2015 South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, where it was used in conjunction with live sessions.
Periscope soon followed with a prominent source of support: Twitter , which acquired it. Both are aggressively competing to become the dominant tool for video streaming, much as Facebook’s Instagram has for photo sharing.

This is your chance to be a pioneer in your niche and build the first live streaming app for your community.

Build the App and Site

Here is how to build a project including app and site like Ustream, Livestream, Periscope, Meerkat, YouNow or their alternatives:

Demo and Showcase





  • WordPress
    • Core framework to manage centralised user database, settings, server meta data and logic, handle web requests and security.
    • Allows affordable development and design, high security because framework is popular, well documented and tested.
    • Allows many new turnkey features as plugins (seo, sitemaps, social features) and new designs as themes.
  • VideoWhisper Live Streaming
    • Web based live video broadcasting solution managing live broadcast and channels.
    • Full mode license price:  $250/domain
  • RTMP Session Control
    • Manages communication and sync between streaming server and user/data logic web server.
    • Worth $299
    • Included for FREE with VideoWhisper Wowza Hosting
  • WP Video Share / Video On Demand (VOD)
    • Manages videos from live streaming archives, upload, access control.
  • Compatible Web and RTMP Hosting:
    • VideoWhisper Wowza Hosting : StreamStartup for 1 year at $1000/year (included)
    • After first year you can setup your own server to meet requirements or renew/upgrade the existing hosting plan as necessary.

Project Identity


Get people to signup on site and/or install the app using:

  • Google adWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Fiverr

Estimated Project Budget Range

Including software license, basic identity and design, production hosting for 1 year.

Timeframe for development starts from 1 month (most require for app development and submission/approval in app stores that may require feedback from approval team and changes depending on features).